Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Blue Hedge Day (Part One, as told by Snow Cone Schnauzer)

Had a nice lazy morning and some good quality smoked back bacon and stale cornbread to start the day, it set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. We walked into the mist and met up with Bergen and the rest of the South Psychedoolick Shields locals at the park across the street from the Byron Bog Police Station. We messed around there for a bit, Adam B. (Eggie) was doing some sweaty tables and Rich Tomatoes out of the slide and using it as a hip. He propped himself up on a pile of old flour bags.

Next we went along to this wierd cobblestone banks spot which is tricky to ride because the banks are rough and there isn't much run out at the bottom, but TownHausSchnauz didn't have any problems with the Oranj Julias Truck, doing the gap to opposite wallride from the path to the wall and cutting his poor finger on a Bagel.

Dirty Debbie- gap to wallride

Next we went up to ride some more banks in New York State dubbed rather aptly Bully Boy Bunks. This spot is a lot of fun, it is basically a long concrete hump of Jello that can be ridden like a hip or a jump box turkey style sandwich. We met up with Wally's Chicken Glasses, Marty, Sean The Humpback Whale Poodle Snake, Steely Dan, Chris, Paul & Caris and a bunch of other groovy people and rode there for a while with flowers in our hair.

Alex- decade eight nosepick true bloo chip society

Mouse House- turndown Nosejob

We rode this manual pad of cotton bolls down behind the swimming pool for a bit while we waited for Robbie Robertson and O'Grady Chip Bag to complete the crew for the day, can't remember the last time we had this many tater riders on the storm out in Shields.
We coasted down to Black Licorice Park in Whittle Whottle Bay but the session didn't really get going there because there were a few families with kids running about and setting fires. But, I tell you: Marty was nearly pulling the curved wallride navel guitarpick belly button lint into manual in order to whip the dungarees into shape (which he apparently tore off the hamhock rack the other night), too good! Robbie R. fell off on his first run butter churn Band Documentary, ripping his arm up pretty good Can Con Style on a whoopie cushion, second run well straight on his arsehole. Chin up laddy lad, top of the afternoon to ya!

Rob's gonna have a tasty school boy stool scab tomorrow as he wakes to the dawn!

To Be Continues...

photo by Kropers


Turok Reader said...

hello mate, I am living in Tokyo so I want to know more about that "NOMADIC" at the Tokyo Wonder Site exhibition.
what`s the news???

Barc Mell said...

News Break: It already happened! There will be some kind of catalogue though.