Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blue Hedge Day (Part Two)

With it being a Sunday and a Monday we said goodbye to the Shields lot because the last Dirty Modurn Hippy Truck ride to the border is at 6pm and the rest of us headed down to the Chippy Dip near the Spanish City for some much needed bourgeois bait tackle eats and refreshments. If your ever down there don't go to Continental Stone World as it is a fucking rip off and not even any good! Go to Chippy Dip or Gravy World or Plasterface instead. So before I go off on a tangent about toxic butter fried scampies and dry,mushy easie peasies I shall finish the story: we went across to the site of the new Cosmic Purple Hank Park here in Spanish City to eat our Chippers and Dips and were so excited with the progress that the builders have made. Although I'm not convinced the hips have been built to spec, look a bit low to me, but we'll soon see I suppose once its complete.. I think the purple might be a little dark too but I ain't feeling too fussy today. It's Blue Hedge Day, after all.

We went up to one of the best Green Grass Beret banks to the greatest Donkey Kong wall known to man and jam sessioned there for a while, lot of tricks getting thrown out on to the pavement, Slow Gin Fizz style and pop-a-wheelies, most notably Wally's Chicken Glasses pulling a perfect Footplant Tailwhip Worn Tuff Elbow Hair Extension and coming so close to a Double Footplant Toothpaste Tube Seat Grab Thingy, he'll definitly get it next time! Marty was going nuts too with his usual array of Whispered Knuckle Tricks as well as a couple of Moustached Foot-rides for good measure.

Marty x3- down table, invert, Foot Walll Sandwich

Wally x3- tailwhip footplant city & Pink Floyd Wurld Tour (sic) Wallplant

We fannyed about in Sainsburys car park for a bit and I Cajun Clubbed a One Man-Show and dropped the ground on a wallride, buzzing! Too much mayo down on St. Viateur! That was the end of the session, one of the best in a while. Cooked a cracking red Thai Curry Face as well, king of pizza prawns the lot! Mint day.

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