Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Kidding, I mean: SHOO SLOG

SHOE SLOG, Sloe Gin Fizz, flap, Scissors, Famous New Brunswick Artists, The French Frie Person Invited Us To The Party The Bouncer Wouldn't Let Us In, GREENIE (upside down), BLOO CHIP, Moustache Mondays, SLOGGIE please, Sour Grapes?, I See C.C., PLASTIC HORMONES, we are not connected with Snyder of Berlin, FW Acrylic, 08 so far, nuttins comin in-it's all goin' out, SLOPPY, hypergraphica, philoctetests centre, thin buttah ain't comics, damm straight-belly boy, Silver Fizz, six additional buses, some busses in the pocket, Ecomomy Stimulus Package Dept, Total Destruction: BUY, SELL, BUY, SELL, Fuzzy Pink Beret, bloo chips falling, stable-izer, Zonked: TIRED, WHERE WITHOUT WITHALL, MELT SNOW IN A PAN!, some disturbing patterns, LITMUS TEST: who will stuck round, BUTTAH (dis ain't comics), if you really want me to see it-put it under my chin, Miles Goodwin, balanced? neurotic?, SHOE SLOG

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