Sunday, October 19, 2008


For Immediate Release: October 7th 2008

MARC BELL : Illustrated Cartoon Videos

November 6th- December 8th, 2008

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 7-10pm

From the ol' Press Release:

Paul Bright is proud to present Marc Bell’s Illustrated Cartoon Videos, featuring eighteen infamous works, well known by their monthly publication in Vice Magazine from 2003 to 2005. For this series, Bell uses the lyrics from popular songs as narratives for his illustrations. Inspired by the likes of material performed by R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Ghostface Killah, his images formulate fictional dream-like landscapes, transporting viewers into alternate utopias.

For Information please contact the gallery at:

Paul Bright 1265 Bloor St. W, Toronto ON, M6H 1N7 +647.342.5463

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Christopher said...

Hmmm. 'Alternate utopias', eh? I thought that utopias already comprised an 'alternate' means of organizing social relations--that's what makes them 'utopias', in fact! So the alternate of an alternate... is that a subalternate? A subalternate utopia would be a utopia of an inferior order to other utopias--but 'utopia' itself is typically defined as "the best possible society / means of social organization", which leads to a logical contradiction in the very definition of a subalternate utopia. The concept is thus self-defeating. Perhaps Bell's drawings are logic-defying or self-defeating in some important way, making the proposed terminology an appropriate means for referring to them, but I would need better evidence or argumentation to that effect before I would condemn them to the awkward nomenclature of 'subalternate utopias'. I believe that it would be more charitable to say that Bell's works depict, or open up 'heterotopic spaces' (in the jargon of Foucault).

Thanks for letting me jack off all over your blog!


Chris Yorke