Thursday, March 5, 2009

Part Two in a series of Grape Juice themed Movies: it's SAGUARO


Barc Mell said...

Dan, you there buddy? I thought this one worked out quite well, good timing. What is the soundtrack to this, do you remember?

(In case people don't understand what I am saying into the thing here: Dan W. of Manitoba made some movies of my comics fer-the-hell-of-it and we have been discussing some of his soundtrack choices here. Like a Director's Commentary on a dvd or something. Back to the action already in progress...)


Da'nuib said...

Well I spliced together a couple sounds from that Tool LP 'Aenima'.
I believe the "electric" sounds come from the song "(-) Ions" and the baby screaming is from "Cesaro Summability".
I made sure the timing worked out so that there was screaming throughout Shrimpy's change and weird electric sounds throughout everything else.
This one turned out quite well if I do say so myself.

Anthony Woodward said...

That one's pretty freaky but still works