Monday, June 8, 2009


A review of my ILLUSTRATED CARTOON VIDEOS on the Walrus Site. Sean Rogers did a great job of providing some links to the actual videos for the songs I drew "covers" of. Be sure to check out The Queenhaters' "I Hate The Bloody Queen!" Not included is a link to Mick Jagger's audio-visual masterpiece "Let's Work!" but you can see it HERE.

Too bad my copies of these are almost gone! I think I have three left of the whole 100 copies that were printed. You can probably imagine all the revenue I have gathered exploiting the talents of these overlooked and impoverished songsmiths (like Britney Spears and Tony Iommi).

Whoops, I mean, too bad I never had any copies of this! Whut the?! Who made this book? Whu? Whu? Who did they get to draw that cover??? It looks a lot like me, I can't even see the difference, can you see the difference??? Has everybody in JAPAN ordered their HOT POTATOE????!!

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