Monday, August 10, 2009


This is the last week of Precision, a show I am in at one of two new spaces for The Adam Baumgold Gallery.The exhibits end on August 14th.

60 EAST 66th STREET NEW YORK, NY 10065
PHONE: 212-861-7338


Fojeras said...

Very good stuff, Marc!
I knew about you through Kramer´s Ergot. After that I foun Nog a Dod at a bookshop in Madrid and definetely fell in love.

My friends and me really enjoy your work.

Walk on!

Cheers from Pontevedra, Spain.

Barc Mell said...

Thanks Fojeras!

I too am a fan of Nog A Dod, as it contains all my favourite hoser drawing friends.

Guarde en la custodia encendido.

(I assume this probably doesn't make sense but it is an internet translation of "keep on keeping on")

Fojeras said...

Hi, Marc! I´m not at home these days. It´s being difficult for me to get a decent internet access. I´ll write you a mail with some information as soon as I can.