Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Fecal Face interviewed me here.


Alice said...

I have a few questions for you Mr. Bell!

Let's say I run into you at a completely neutral location, and we're our usual selves, no hangovers or heartaches. We get past the small talk and move on to discussing stuff we like and don't like. Somehow the conversation veers towards music, you bring up a band you've been really into these past few days. Let's say I've never heard of em, and you're all "I can't believe you've never heard of (insert artist/band name here), you're missing half your life!"

In that kind of situation, which band would we be talking about? And which of their songs first reeled you in? Or which song would you have me listen to in the hopes of getting me into 'em as well?

Barc Mell said...

"Hamburger Martyr" by Killdozer? Wait um....