Monday, November 30, 2009


1. As you can see above, Mr. Paul Pratt has the smarts to use the Potatoe as a Cook Book. Excellent. Photo by Kevin Spenst.

2. Sean Rogers and I used it to discuss the Lime Ricky restaurant chain and other things like artistic globalization on the Walrus blog.

3. Marc and Mark (Medley) pound staples in the Potatoe over at this little newspaper called The National Post.

4. This is a nice excuse to throw up a Guston (above). Andrea Carson briefly discusses art and it's relation to comics using the Potatoe and Guston as a reference point over at View on Canadian Art.

5. Jesse Mcmanus of Williamsburg, Brooklyn uses the "Potat" as something to hold up for the camera at BROKELYN.

6. Rupert Bottenberg sorts out my Waffles in this weeks issue of The Mirror

7. Wayne Allen Brenner uses this Potatoe to great advantage and remarks that the contents are "festooned with puns linguistic and visual and resemble masterpieces penned at the crossroads of personal whimsy and obsessive-compulsive disorder by some precocious 8-year-old". Dat's a good un'! I share the honour with Tony Millionaire over here at the Austin Chronicle.

8. Last but not least: Monsieur Léon Auché shows me how to use the H.P. to recreate the "Ottawa Rural Commune".

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