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image courtesy: (a very fine resource for the band of the same name)

I found this nice review of "The Waffle" (94) buried on the internet somewheres:

Review of "The Waffle", a collection of correspondance and memorablia
(1991-1994), by THE ALL-STAR SCHNAUZER BAND (Jason McLean and Marc Bell) at
Gallery Sansair, August 14 to 24, 1994.

Most galleries are pretentious little shitholes with people trying to be something more important than they are. Well, when I came to Gallery Sansair I had to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to the christly joint. I normally would have been very angry and upset, but I was inundated with friendly, down-to-earth people giving me coffee, waffles, cake and other goodies. Apparently, the celebrity twins of "The All Star Schnauzer Band" were having an art opening. There was a parade, Hula dancers, and a lavish Waffle Queen. Members of the heavy metal group "July 4th Toilet" even played the Waffle Queen Anthem.

Oh ya, and the art. It was a bunch of intricate doodads all painted up and collaged of envelopes, Polaroids, children's toys, celebrities; etceteras with detailed diagrams and explanations. Neato stuff!

I left full and immature.

Lincoln 'The Tiger' Wilconshire

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