Friday, April 9, 2010

La balle, le pigeon, le pouvoir & une paire de tétons perdue puis retrouvée

The ball, pigeon, power & a pair of tits lost then found

Marc Bell - SHRIMPY & Paul (Cornelius - 2010)

Monday, March 8, 2010, by Lazare Noisy
Those of you who read blogs in Earlies 2004/2006, blogs have disappeared for most (half a sniff) know how the Bruyantissime was the receptacle of a certain idea of pictorial beauty, of aestheticism without concession. Photographs, graphics, pictures to color with markers dotted the brush library absurd and the most controversial since the chivalrous Don Quixote buddies decided to blaze his own under the pretext that it was better so that the knights who cares & it was for his good ... supposedly. We saw what it gave.

"I know there's magic in the world but it's odd that the food has such an effect."

Poetry sometimes hides in unexpected places and a coupPATATRAS! I find myself speechless, a cartoon from the handcuffs - a "comic" or comic as the cowboys say we'll talk soon (and also because the works in strip Marc Bell & happens to be Canadian English although of Montreal adoption ... must live in one of these neighborhoods, behind Sherbrooke Street, where guys pretend nothing piter in French when you know their requests an orange). Once is not customary in this Fric-Frac Club saturated with words, punctuation and final arguments to the shovel, for once let's talk about drawings, bubbles and strokes. Ouuuuh. The great house Cornelius (really great) publishes a compilation of the adventures of SHRIMPY & Paul, a sort of Laurel and Hardy psyches lunatic out of a footnote on page Moebus (Moebus the psychedelic with neon everywhere, like before Humanoids decide to repaint the Incal brown & poo yuk) and is one of the most simply saving that ever happened to me a long time. Full until the last page of the possible absurd humor, love, blows shitty, dirty trick of pop, hard rock pranks (Marc Bell big fan of Black Sabbath ... also apparently SHRIMPY) burlesque scenes of ass no one sees anything except, perhaps, this odd couple formed SHRIMPY & Paul & their fantastic friends behind, leaping into a chorus on a few strips symmetrical all so tasty that a good trip hallucinogen. There's manga in discrete action and stage directions in the face of this fucking SHRIMPY seems to be the scion of a character from Number 5 Taiyou Matsumoto. It is mostly pure us comic juice at all stages of Crumb in the shadows of the background and in Herriman rounded corners of this great moment of reading. Joseph Ghosn said, there is little, if there were only two or three comics to read right now SHRIMPY & Paul in part, hands down. You know what? He's right. Hundred times over.

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Lazare Bruyant said...
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Lazare Bruyant said...

Funny translation, yes it is... even for my name "Noisy"... but, at the end, I'm happy you found it.

Tom Devlin said...

Robin will be happy that Moebius was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Yassine said...

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Barc Mell said...

Greetings! I wrote to your e-mail, I did.