Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I will have a table somewhere near the Drawn and Quarterly booth at TCAF with Amy Lockhart. She will have some nice new t-shirts there. And some movies and minis. I'll have a couple new limited edition books there, yes:

16 pages, 7" x 5.25", colour


16 pages, 5.5" x 4.25", colour

I will also have:

-copies of KELP STINGRAY (limited edition collab w/Matthew Thurber published by Nieves)
-DID YOU SEE THE EXHIBITION OF THE CHUNKY FLOORS? (exhibition catalog and posters)
-SHRIMPY AND PAUL (I think I am the sole "distributor" of this book now!?)
-Some extra "Ex-Libris" from the French edition of SHRIMPY and some other odds and ends

Also, I donated a drawing to the Doug Wright Awards Art Auction (HOT POTATOE has been nominated for two awards this year!*) The drawing will be going up on ebay at some point today (Wednesday April the 5th). The idea was to draw a DC character but I was a little cheeky and drew a Marvel one:

Finally, Amy and I will also be part of a panel on Saturday. As follows:

Canadian Drawing and Cartoon Art in Galleries
Saturday, May 8th, 4:00 – 5:00, The Pilot

In the past several years, comics art has slowly but surely been making its way off the page and into the art gallery. This program showcases a number of cartoonists discussing how the climb to the gallery world affects their art and their careers — and peoples’ perceptions of the medium as a whole. Featuring Seth, Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart, Peter Thompson, Scott Campbell, and Sonja Ahlers. Moderated by Professor Bart Beaty.

Bye bye.

*Though it may appear on the site that I have been nominated for two different books, one called 'Hot Potatoe', the other 'Hot Potatoes'. I just thought that was sort of amusing.

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