Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Been Working on some ding dongs:

This one has no name as of yet.

This one has the working title "Schlumberger".

"Honk if you Pay Throo the Schnozz"

"Chicken Curried Cripes" needs some work, dammit.

"Bad Beer Sugar Yeast", a truthful account.

"Attach a Gum or" ?

And you may be able to see, these are mostly the result of chopping up this one:

Stay tuned for the thrilling results and also, figure out if this is "Art Comics" or not. PS: I don't think it is.


gog said...

dood theez r super-nice.
hope the price triples!
tax incl.

Jack Coltman said...

Marc Bell, yous is a clever man b