Monday, October 25, 2010


The remainder.

Almost all
that stuff above has been integrated into this one (unfinished).

And so, that's all to do with this and that for now. Though, I am realizing just now that I did make a tiny error in all this. If you can spot it than you might win a prize (I have probably made several errors here but I mean the one I am thinking of!)

Thank you for your undivided attention.


D. Weir said...

Awesome choppin' Marc! Is the error the line drawing square at the top-middle? I can't read what it says, maybe it's "Illusions" or is that "Illinois"? Will indeed make the trek to St. Catz in 2011.

Barc Mell said...


Sorry, BZZZZT.

That is the wrong answer.

I will give a clue:

It is a tiny little image that ended up in the "IN PROGRESS" work that should have still existed in the latter examples given (of the remaining work that hadn't been used yet.)

I realize this is extreme minutae.......ho ho whoops.

D. Weir said...

As soon as I posted that, I saw it there, somehow it was camel-flauged to me at first glace, duh. I'd still like to know what it says, all the more reason to see the show when it's on...