Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PROG 4: Attach a Gum or (CONCEPTUAL)

Up next is Attach a Gum or (CONCEPTUAL). This is another work that was created out of the chopped up pieces of this larger one (see above, areas used are indicated in red).

As you can see here, parts of the pieces were painted over in an attempt to simplify things a bit. Also, the "flag" indicated by the arrow is from an older work called Don't Let it Leek. It was repainted for this work.

More areas have been re-painted here in an attempt to simplify this further.


Diego said...

you inspire me and i think will always do.
one of my very favorite artists in the world.

Barc Mell said...

Thanks Diego, that is very kind. Glad you get a kick out of the stuff.