Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A papier mache sculpture of TING's Luke Worm as seen at the London City Press Club. I happened upon this place a couple months ago when a friend played a music show there. I'd ne'er heard of it. It's in a funny location, on the bottom floor of an apartment building, next to a convenience store (it relocated here in the 90's from it's original location). The door handle is a pencil, the logo on the door is a pen nib and the walls are filled with framed originals (bolted to the wall) by Merle "Ting" Tingley and other cartoonists from "back in the day", including Chester Gould, Ferd Johnson, Al Capp, Doug Wright and others. Some of them musta been visting or somethin' because a couple suggest they shared drinks there ( "They wouldn't let ya pay for a drink, huh, Moon?" -Ferd Johnson). Maybe some of them were buds with Ting(?). When I was a boy (spoken in stupid voice), I used to check out Ting's cartoons all the time in the London Free Press, not really for the politics but for the worm he hid in each drawing. I had not seen this earlier style but I love it:

Will It Come To This? from Ting Cartoons

Dated 1954 (This must be "pre-worm"...or at least I cannot see one in there...)

Ferd Johnson at London City Press Club

Chester Gould at London City Press Club


Meow! said...
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jannx said...

I love seeing these kind of big name gems hidden away in small corners where some people are aware of what they have like the London Press Club.

There's a small hospital north of toronto that has a long wall of framed pencil sketches by Arthur Lismer. I bet few people know what they are and haven't heard of Lismer