Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am joining Anders Nilsen in September on the eastern leg of his big Big Questions tour to celebrate the release of my pure Pure Pajamas book from D & Q. My new 96 page book is kind of like the opening band for his giant 600 page plus rock and roll monster stage show tome (sorry Anders, for that analogy). Mark Connery will be joining us later for a Beguiling event (some kind of panel discussion!). Here are the dates:

9/9 – Baltimore: Atomic Books: SPXplosion with a whole bunch of persons reading and signing)
9/10-11 – Bethesda: SPX
9/13 – Pittsburgh: Copacetic
9/14 – Philadelphia: Brickbat
9/15 – NYC: 192 Books
9/16 – Brooklyn: Desert Island
9/24 – Toronto: Venue TBA (with Mark Connery)


Calum Johnston said...

if you make it to halifax we will feed you and buy you beers

Balsam Adhesives said...

If I ever get out there I will let you know. Thanks Calum!


rulee said...

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