Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Mark Connery and I will be at ZINE DREAM this Sunday, selling copies of his Melamine Car Bomb and probably some other things too. I thought I might also bring along a copy of (the soon to be released) Pure Pajamas in case anybody wants to have a look. I think Mark will also have a new zine he just might give you with purchase of a book (or he might just give you anyway). While supplies last.

The photo above (from the sweetie pie press) shows a copy of Mark's 2009 zine version of Melamine Car Bomb in the background (the blue one). When I was editing Melamine Car Bomb (the book), I completely forgot about this zine (even though it was in my collection). Also, the drawing I lifted the words from for the title is not in the original zine. And nor are any of the other drawings. Weird. Man. Whut?


Sunday, August 21 2011
from 12 to 5 pm.
Zine Dream is an annual small press art fair featuring over 50 vendors of self published books, comics, music, zines, hand made crafts, prints & much more!

Featuring music by Fresh Flesh, Skull Bong and Moon Wood, DJ’s Laura Mccoy, Val Uher & Boogie Woogie Mix Tape Library. Plus performances by Kathleen Phillips and Amelia Ehrhardt.

@ The TRANZAC, 292 Brunswick Ave Toronto, Ont.

Pay What You Can


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