Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There has been a lot of great press for Stroppy! I am pleased people really seem to be "getting it".

-Sean Rogers for The Globe And Mail "...a posthippie fantasia, filled with high-minded ideals about labour and art, but orchestrated with gleeful, low brow verve."

-Chris Mautner for The Comics Journal "Bell’s protagonists can seem just as easily plagued by anxiety as they can be blessed by a divine nonchalance."

-Bill for Copacetic Comics "...a work that is very much in the spirit offered by the best of the underground comics era, evinced particularly by Bell’s supreme visual anarchy."    

-Hillary Brown for Paste "...this work is designed for the relaxed and the amused, providing an experience akin to floating on a lazy river." 

-Rob Clough for Hi-Low "Virtually every single original show on the Cartoon Network owes a debt to Bell's work, from Uncle Grandpa to (especially) Adventure Time." 

-Tim O’Neil for A.V. Club "Bell’s return to comics is at once satisfying and exasperating, in a good way: certainly a reading experience like no other." 

-Carla Gillis for NOW Magazine "...panels densely packed with fantastical, misshapen hodgepodge characters who regularly bring the laughs." 

-Stephen Carlick for Exclaim! "The absurd plot, while fascinating, comes secondary to Bell's visual metaphors and his colourful, engaging full-page scenes, composed of jittery black lines, minute details and kinetic energy."

-Jerky "Tibby" Leboeuf for Daily Dirt Diaspora "There are all-too-familiar stakes and consequences for these characters—exploitative employment, precarious housing, class immobility, ambition in the face of hopelessness—which serve to make the surreal moments all the more effective."

And, uh:

-Dan Brown for The London Free Press (my hometown!) "Pay close attention and you’ll find riffs on the likes of Gowan, the Canadian singer from the 1980s, as well as sitcom actor Alan Thicke and President’s Choice products."

Also here are some interviews:

-Mark Connery interviews me for The Comics Journal "Well, I am happy you were irritated by Sean. He is the worst."

-Brad De Roo interviews me for Blog From The Bookstore "Strangely, they are re-recording an old song written by Libby Schnauzer and Jim Boot Sauce Schnauzer called "Going Downtown With The Boxer". 

-A recent interview on Ink Studs

-Shannon Tien interviews Anders Nilsen and I for SAD MAG "I made a new form of story for Stroppy."


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