Sunday, April 17, 2016


I am part of the show COMIC INSPIRATIONS at the Adam Baumgold Gallery. Open until May 26th, 2016. Some great artists in this. Look at that list!

Brusied Toungue made this great "Pizza Pie" patch for me, they also made one of a drawing of mine called "Stress Composite". You can also order these from my ETSY site.

I drew the cover for this thing, GRUNK #1, edited by Bryan Munn of Guelph, Ontario, a place I used to live in. There is a river there. This isn't out but Bryan is saying that it will be out for TCAF. TCAF is a comics festival in Toronto. It is very popular. I am excited to see this especially because Bryan said he will be pasting it up by hand.

I was very happy to be included in the Drawn & Quarterly 25th Anniversary show at Galerie Martel in Paris. Here we all are, Rina and Marc and Anders and Amélie and Julia and Tom. Chester Brown even showed some of his originals there, which I don't believe he does very much (NFS, BTW). The show is not on the walls no more but, yeah, it was nice. Also incredible to see the beautiful originals for Geneviève Castrée's strip from the Anniversary book.

Which reminds me, Anders and I did a big tour last year, eh? And we thought to ourselves "why do we do this?" But it was good, ok? Thanks to everybody who hosted us. We also drew some strips in Ander's sketchbook.  I couldn't find the links to the rest of them but there are a bunch more. I also ended up at PFC again in Minneapolis again, living the dream. The French said I wasn't as funny this time, ha, big ups to June and the gang.

And, yeah, when I was in France I attended some chifoumi (PFC) events in Besançon, including the opening for "The Faceless Goat". I somehow ended up on French television with a stern face.

The great Roz Chast edited The Best American Comics 2016 and asked me to design the cover and so here is what I came up with. Not bad. Also, thanks to Bill Kartalopoulos. An excerpt from Stroppy will be included.

David Bowie died.

Here is a detail of a print design I made (in progress) for Burlesque of North America. Follow the link and you can zoom around and look up at the print up close. These guys are masterful printers, this is a deal at $60 (four colour silkscreen). I drew on around 10 or so of these with real live ink from a pen and these will be randomly sent out to customers.

I designed the cover for Babysitter's second LP. You can get it from Psychic Handshake.

I also designed the CD art of some new Øyvind Torvund (b.1976) compositions. Øyvind has also composed a compostion based on my book The Stacks. This new recording performed by Asamisimasa has won a Norwegian Grammy.

Another CD design! This time for Chris Strickland. I am not sure when this is coming out? Maybe it's out now. From caduc.

I finally was able to digitize the videos I made with Joey Haley in the 90's. Follow the link to three of these.

OK, there are probably a few other things like this beer label for DUNHAM but that's it for now. I know nobody reads blogs but this is a way I can organize this shit.


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