Monday, February 18, 2013

ATTN: PRADA fans in the UK

Look, Mumsy, I am in the UK edition of Esquire. The March issue. I will attempt to procure you a copy. Anyway, yeah, so photographer Bela Borsodi combined parts of drawings by myself and a couple other guys (Basil Wolverton and Rick Griffin) with several expensive clothing items. Pictured here is my my work combined with a "brown and white leather small messenger bag" by PRADA.


BK said...

Marc, congrats on a great gig!

Brad Mackay said...

Super nifty! Did you get to keep the bag??? (My wife asked me to ask you that.)

Balsam Adhesives said...

I have not even been in the same room as that $1,300 bag. I think the security would have looked at my shoes and turned me away.

Diego said...

beautiful, sonny!

Berto Fojo said...

Messengers with those bags don´t need to be messengers anymore!
That´s exactly how Prada´s costumers´feet look like.

sandy said...

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